Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eight Months

Dear Henry,

What an amazing month this has been! You had your very first Christmas, and oh how you loved it. Santa brought you lots of wonderful presents because you are such a good boy. You went to meet Santa and have your picture taken, but I have to tell you that you didn't much care for him up close. I think you really prefer for him to stay up at the North Pole and just drop in with gifts while you are sleeping. That arrangement worked much better for you.
I wasn't sure you would be interested in your present this year, you are so small, but I was wrong. You loved every second of opening up your gifts! You wanted to touch and taste and play with every single present you received. And you received a lot, my sweet boy. Not only Santa brought you presents, but so did all of your other family. You had five separate Christmas events and you loved each and every one. It was amazing to see how much your family surrounded you with love and gifts on this first Christmas. You are a very loved and lucky little boy.
Other good things have happened this month besides the holidays. You got your first two teeth in! You are so cute when you smile and I can see those two tiny little teeth poking up from the front bottom of your mouth. You have also become a pro at sitting up on your own. You can now sit and play with your toys with little to no assistance. We stay close, just to be sure you don't fall and bonk your head, but you are needing that help less and less. You are growing into such a big boy.You are rolling over, but still don't seem to care for it much. When you are on your stomach you try to crawl, but don't seem to know how to get up on your knees. A skill you will learn soon enough. For now, we like that you stay in one place. Makes it easier to grab you up for kisses!
You are so interested in everything around you. You love to touch, to feel, to taste. You reach out and grab even the smallest of objects and have such attention to detail. Necklaces are a favorite because you are constantly being held. You are very good with your toys and love to play with your train and your blocks. You have several stuffed animals that Papa plays with you with all the time. That is your favorite and you will just laugh and laugh. Along with laughing, you are making lots of new sounds. You growl a lot, which is very funny to everyone. You are also doing this sweet purring noise, which melts my heart. You blow raspberry's and babel all the time. You love making any noises you can.
Sweet Henry, I love you so. This month has also brought loss of loved ones, and that has made me realize even more how very precious you are to me. You own my heart little man. I do not know what I would do without you.