Saturday, January 23, 2010


I walk into the room and it starts . "mamama, mamama, mamama". Louder the closer I get. A huge smile breaks out on his face. I reach for him and his arms go up. Reaching back for me. I say "mama". And he says even louder, "MAMAMA!!". He hugs my face and smiles.

I say "Papa". He whispers back "papa". He likes the sound. He starts popping his little lips. "pop pop pop". Another smile. Proud of himself.

We say "bye bye" as we wave our hand. He looks at his own hand. "babababa" he says as he watches his his own little hand open and close.

I see these things, and I know he doesn't understand yet. He doesn't understand the words, so they may no be real talking, but they melt my heart just the same.


  1. Hearing "Mama" for the first time is the greatest thing EVER! <3

  2. I'm so looking forward to NANNY NANNY NANNY!!!!

  3. aww...I can't wait to hear "mama"!

  4. Hi Sarah. Clicking through the Stirrup Queens blogroll for endo and wanted to offer congrats on your son joining your family. I love to hear when someone's dream comes true even through the sometimes agony of living with endo. Blessings!