Sunday, January 10, 2010

How about some pictures?

So we are doing better around here. Ready to start talking about other things. The only problem is that I am sorta at a loss for which post comes after all the sadness. So, I am opting for pictures. Enjoy.
Here are me and Nick at Candice's New Year's Eve Party! We are being grown ups. Out doing grown up things...until one thirty in the morning! I know. REBELS.

Some of the girls at the party. (and that concludes the Pictures I took at New Years)
Here is the family over at Ryan and Arielle's for the UK vs UofL game. We kicked tail. (Henry looks so tiny here!)
What? You want baby pictures? Oh, okay. Here is Henry playing with some Lego's in his crib. Papa is very safe and surrounded him with couch pillows.
Looking a little out of control with his Papa. And very naked considering it is like 1 degree around here. Don't worry Nanny, he had socks on I am sure.

Oh, and guess who has teeth??? Not even just one, but TWO of them??

Henry says, "WHO MAMA WHO???" ...." "Oh"

(This picture totally applies to this info because you can see said teeth on the bottom of his mouth in this picture. NO, that is not spit glistening off his gums. TOTALLY TEETH.

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  1. did the snapfish pictures come through for you??? there are some good ones of you and your crazy sisters with the horns.