Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Camera

Mama says: Oh Henry, look at how cute you are!! I love you in your overalls!

Henry says: Well, it's about time you got the actual camera out to take my picture! Enough with that fancy iphone. I need to be photographed with a flash...and a zoom...and a...wait, what is that? I think I need a closer look.
Mama says: Henry, you are so good at lunging forward now! Look at you my big big boy!! You sure did get over here fast.
Henry says: It's so tempting...what is it? what is it?? Still need to get closer to see...and to maybe...

Mama says: Henry, stop eating the camera cord!
Henry says: NOM NOM NOM. OH man. This is delicious. Worth all the effort. It's official. Camera are WAY better than iphones!
PS. I ordered pictures from snapfish the other day. I hadn't loaded them in nearly five months. The grand total number of pictures...337. THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN. They came in a big box rather than a pictures sleeve. I wont wait five months again...I wont wait five months again...
337...can you tell he is a first child?
PPS. Any guesses on what color these eyes are going to be? We have no clue.