Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dinner Fail

So you know when you are having people over for dinner, and you bake some brownies because, 1. You want your house to smell like brownie heaven 2. You want people to think you are the kind of person bakes and 3. Brownies sound freaking delicious. Well, that was me yesterday. But, the people coming over were just my sisters and brother-in-law, so I didn't feel the need to do some amazing brownie presentation on a cake plate. The act of making the brownies from scratch (Duncan Hines in the box...but with peanut butter chips!) was surely enough to impress... So when they were done I just pulled them out of the oven and tossed them on the stove. Seems innocent enough, right?

Well, you also know when you have company and you are slaving over an very difficult meal (okay... It was just chili cheese dogs. But come on, who doesn't like chili cheese dogs? And I grated my own cheese...so that shows effort!) and you get a little distracted taking about politics (watching Jeopardy) and debating the effects of climate change( showing the pictures of your precious baby on the computer) and you lose focus of what may be on the stove. So, say, you dump chili in a pan and then for some ungodly reason turn it to HIGH, then promptly walk out the kitchen and forget it entirely. Several minutes pass and the chili should be making a ridiculous boiling mess all over the stove, except it isn't. It isn't getting hot at all because you turned the wrong burner on HIGH. The one sitting under the glass pan of brownies.

Do you all know what happens next? Do you? A BOMB will go off in your kitchen. A grenade of glass shards. And you will be all like "what the holy hell?!?" and will run into the kitchen in your socks to find glass EVERYWHERE and brownies ON FIRE. Oh yes, there was FIRE. And SMOKE and GLASS. The chili had glass in it and the hot dogs had glass in it, so everything in the general stove area was ruined ... It really was an all around unfortunate event.

So...try to avoid this by not being an idiot and turning on the wrong burner. It is a real mess. Plus, once you get it all cleaned up, you will have to make new brownies and chili cheese dogs that are glass free to 1. Cover the on-fire-brownie smell with new fresh brownies and 2. Feed the house full of people who are patiently awaiting a meal. (and I was not letting the cheese I grated and onion I chopped go to waste!) and 3. allow you to eat brownies which you have been craving all day. Although the next "scratch" brownies wont have the peanut butter chips. Which is a real shame.


  1. I can't TELL you the number of times I have turned on the wrong burner. I do remember one time I had set a plate on a burner to put something on in a few minutes and CRACK went the plate because I had turned the burner on UNDER IT by mistake. Oh, yes I did.

  2. OMG!!! I don't think I have ever commented here but I think I almost peed my pants reading that!! That sounds like something that would happen to me but luckily has not...YET! Thank you, I needed a laugh today more than you could imagine!

  3. Yes I can confirm my mother turns on the burner ALL THE TIME. :D
    Sorry bout this darlin lol

  4. I turn on the wrong burner all the time, too! Haven't set off a glass bomb yet, but I'm sure that if I live a long enough life, I will eventually!

  5. OH NO!! This reminds me of the time my mum managed to blow up some eggs. It was Christmas Day, she was boiling eggs to go with the salad we would be eating that evening whilst we tried out a new game we'd been given... turns out she was enjoying the game too much because all of a sudden she shouted "OH MY EGGS" and at that exact same moment there was an explosion in the kitchen... we sent my dad to investigate and the eggs had boiled dry and exploded all over the kitchen! Not quite as dangerous at the glass bomb you created, but rather smelly!!