Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's That Time Again

Well, if you have been reading here at Bio Girl for a really (really) long time, you might remember back when I cut off a ton of hair and sent it in to Locks of Love. Not so much out of the kindness of my heart, but more because I opened my big mouth and said I was and then had to follow through. Turns out it is really easy to donate hair and everyone should do it and not just because they are guilted into it! Anyway, not sure if you all had noticed, but my hair had gotten seriously long. And...well...I was getting a little tired of it. This happens every couple of years. I grow it out, I get sick of it, I chop it off. Do you all see where this is going??
I chopped off eight inches of my hair to donate! (This time it IS out of the goodness of my heart) Oh, and I highlighted the heck my new hair to cover up all that ridiculous gray that I discovered. So much for my natural color!

And just for fun, here's another picture of it...where I look really annoyed. Also, my shirt says "Muggle"...because I am a nerd.


  1. Your hair is super cute! Its time for me to start growing mine out again--I loved donating my hair!

    I must know where you got your shirt! LOVE it!

  2. What? It... doesn't say something with an "N"... :)
    Love the new hair!

  3. The hair looks great... I need to grow my hair for our wedding but think I will lop loads off after that, so maybe I shall donate my hair too!! Also, where did you get that t-shirt because it is COOL!!