Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Healthy, Right?

So this story requires two key pieces of information on Henry. Two new developments in his little world that have not really been mentioned here at Bio Girl yet.

1. Henry has recently discovered how to feed himself. Let me tell you, it is thrilling. I don't know why, but it is just so stinking rewarding to watch him pick up a pea, look at it, and then pop it in his mouth! He now eats bananas (which I cut up for him...I am a saint of a mother. Nasty bananas), pasta, peas, carrots, sweet potato puffs and yogurt drops. He is a champion of self feeding and I am pretty sure he will happily eat anything I place on his tray.

2. Henry has started crawling. Not really classic crawling...more like he has invented his own inch worm/army commando crawling style (quite the little inventor already!) but he is crawling none the less.

So, today I wanted to make myself some lunch. I dropped Henry down on his blanket in the middle of the living room and he was happy as a lark. I knew he wouldn't stay on the blanket, but it was at least a good starting point. I made myself some food and came back to see him exploring happily. I sat down to eat and enjoy some of the Oscars (everyone should DVR the much better when you can fast forward). When I was done I was so pleased. Henry had totally self entertained while I ate my lunch. This is so awesome!

It was then time for his lunch, so I plop him down in his high chair. As I am buckling him in, he lets out a cough. And that's when it happened. A PIECE OF DOG FOOD FLEW OUT OF HIS MOUTH. YES IT DID. DOG FOOD. I recoiled a little in horror, then did what any good mother would do. I held his head in a vice grip while I searched the entire area of his mouth for anymore DOG FOOD. There was only small bits left. Most had come out in the cough but...god help me...some had definitely been swallowed.

So...I gave him his own food as fast as possible. Trying to wash away all remaining DOG FOOD residue. He seemed fine with it. Completely at peace with this first of most likely many adventures in eating the disgusting. it is. My kid ate dog food. While I watched the Oscars, completely oblivious. The really disturbing part is that he wasn't near the food bowl. So...Ellie had carried the piece of food over to his area. So...he ate dog food that had ALREADY BEEN IN THE DOGS MOUTH. *Shudder*
Henry says, "Chill out Mama. It was just Ellie food! If it's good enough for the L, then it's good enough for me!"
Ellie says, "Yes Mama, What is the big deal? You feed ME that food. Is there something wrong with it?"

On the bright side, these two are getting along better everyday!

Henry says, "See Mama? We Share EVERYTHING!"

Ellie says, "NOM NOM NOM"


  1. It amuses me how our lives parallel each other.

    Ditto to the self-feeding, army/inch worm crawling, entertaining himself and eating dog food. Good times!

  2. Omg I am with u on the crawling and putting everything in the mouth lol. We've already had to call poison control bc I found part of a peace lily in her mouth! Also found a waded up clothing tag in the roof of her mouth this weekend. Seriously can't take my eyes off her for a second :) but how fun is this age?!??

  3. I found my baby eating cat poop once. That was a bad day.

  4. Wyatt ate some dog food a couple of weeks ago and he is obsessed with trying to eat more! I feel better knowing I am not the only one.

  5. He also ate the recycling code from my Harry Potter DVD box set and it adhered to the roof of his mouth. Imagine my surprise when he laughed and I saw a recycling symbol there! I like to say he takes recycling very seriously.

  6. This post made me chuckle a little. I'm sure one small piece of dog food won't hurt Henry one bit, and I bet it happens to other Mommies too...even while watching the Oscars. (Which I agree is SOOO much better watching on the DVR!)

    The picture of Henry sitting in his high chair is so cute. He is really starting to look like a little boy now, but still as cute as ever!

  7. Oh my stars, that is the funniest thing!