Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Boy

Lately Henry has started seeming...bigger. He has his likes and his dislikes and he is very clear on the difference. He has started cruising and will walk all over the house as long as we are holding his hands. When we carry him around, he sometimes gets aggravated and fights to get down...not that he can really go anywhere on his own, but he wants to TRY. He is strong willed and independent, but at the same time so very loving and sweet. He has started putting his head on our shoulder or his forehead against ours when he wants to say he loves us. He loves being tickled and to laugh. Now, instead of us working to get him interested in these games that tickle him, he will start them on his own. Grabbing our hand or hiding his eyes to start the games that he enjoys so.
He is just...changing. Changing into a tiny little person with opinions and feelings. It is all amazing...amazing and a little heart breaking to watch as my sweet baby grows a little more into a big boy every single day.
Our sweet boy with his Mama
Oh how he loves his Papa. Preferring for Nick to hold him over anybody.
Cruising around the hallway at church
Absolutely adorable