Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ten Months

Dear Henry,

You are now ten months old, and I just cannot believe how fast time is moving. Ten months sounds so big. And it doesn't just sound big, but it is big. You have started playing so many games with us. You play peak-a-boo by covering your eyes with your hands now. You clap your hands when we play patty-cake. You bob your head whenever one of your toys plays music. You are just seeming so much older lately. It's amazing to watch.
You have started eating real food this month, and you love it. I think your favorite was when I gave you little bites of a grilled cheese. Oh man, that was the best. You also love lots of fruits and veggies that we chop up for you. It is so neat to watch as you pick up little bites and put them in your mouth all by yourself. This new development has made you much more aware of when we are eating, and you commonly open your mouth to tell us, "Hey you all! I wanna try THAT!" Just another sign of how much you are growing up!
You are officially on the move this month. You have started crawling, and you are getting faster everyday. Yesterday you crawled from the family room to the dining room in no time at all. You love to walk all around the house with us holding your hands to keep you steady. It is one of your favorite things, and you are getting really good at it. Mama and Papa are going to have to keep a close eye on you to keep you out of trouble!
You are so sweet my Henry. This past month you have really developed ways to show us how much you love us. You reach for us constantly. In your crib, from the floor, from someone elses arms. You have now learned to hold your hands up and ask for us, and we almost always give you what you want. You have a deep love for your Papa. You want him to hold you most of all. You are starting to lay your head on our shoulder and it is just the sweetest thing in the world. It melts my heart. You love all of your family so, letting us hug and kiss you until our hearts are content. We are so lucky to have such a sweet little boy to love...and such a sweet little boy that clearly loves us back.


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