Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Henry says: Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! I LOVE this holiday! It's all about wearing green and all around merry making. How do you beat that??

Mama says: Hmmmm....the bib is adorable, but not really practical. I mean, you only get one days use out of it...and I don't really think to holiday is about "merry making" silly boy. It's about...about...oh nevermind.

Henry says: Mama, you are taking ALL the fun out of this.

Henry says: Hey, don't most people party and dance on St. Patrick's Day? I am all about some dancing! Check out my moves.
Mama says: Bed Time! What are you still doing awake anyway? This is NOT a late night holiday.
Henry says: Mama, you are so lame. Aren't you going to drink some green beer or something?

Henry says: Can I at least have some peas for dinner? It's green and I am all about the luck of the Irish.

Mama says: Oh my goodness you are so stinking adorable! I lovelovelovelove you! kisskisskiss

Henry: Mama...the peas...I'm hungry...and STOP. KISSING. ME!

Mama: What? You said you love the Irish. KissKissKissKissKiss I think the Irish love to kiss!


  1. I"m sure the Irish love to kiss - any excuses to smother our little ones with kisses, right?

  2. Hehe... happy St Pat's (a day late!)... my Bro-in-law is Irish but they didn't really celebrate :(

  3. kisskisskiss, lovelovelove to all of my family. We had a great family night. All of the "girls" did think Henry was pretty cute with his sweet smile and green shirt!


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