Tuesday, November 16, 2010

68% Sure

I usually don't mind to not drink alcohol when we are trying to get pregnant, but for some reason this weekend the idea of yet again not drinking wine at a big event like Ryan and Arielle's wedding was just annoying to me. How many times do I not drink "just in case". And time and again I am of course not pregnant and having a glass of wine wouldn't have mattered in the slightest. I am not a big drinker, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it just feels like everything we do seems to fall in the two week wait window. And it's getting old.

So, I decided that for the first time I was testing really early. I bought an early detection pregnancy test that said it was 68% accurate six days before a missed period. I didn't know they could be that accurate, but I was exactly six days from the end of this cycle, so I bit the bullet and tested early. And it was negative. Clearly negative. And I was fine. Really fine. I hadn't taken the time to get hopeful on this cycle, I was still at "maybe", nowhere close to "definitely!". 68% was good enough for me to feel comfortable having two glasses of wine at the wedding. No more than that... because I am still a touch of crazy and was aware of that pesky 32%, but it was nice to not give up wine at the wedding for a pregnancy that doesn't exist.

I have never understood you all who test so early. I looked at it as a a waist of money, since they aren't as accurate I thought I would talk myself into it being wrong anyway. But that isn't happening much*. The hope that is usually setting into a cycle by day 25 (today) is not there this time. I am completely at peace with this being negative, and that is such a great feeling. Not as great as it being positive, but false hope is a real bitch.

*Of course, I do keep telling myself that it isn't a 32% chance I am pregnant, just a 32% chance the test wouldn't pick up the extremely unlikely pregnancy. Because I am still a touch of crazy and don't want to let my mind run wild.


  1. Yes, those tests just keep getting more and more sensitive! I got a positive 5 (or 6...?) days before my missed period and couldn't believe it!

    As for the wine, drink away. A couple glasses here and there aren't going to hurt anything - no matter where you are in the pregnancy. The media has just scared the bejesus out of everyone by making them believe that pregnant women will 100% give their babies all sorts of awesome deformities if they even look at alcohol. So not true. A glass of wine a day? Maybe not the best idea. A rum and coke every once in awhile? No problem. Just steer clear of binge drinking or consistently having something regularly.

  2. Those early tests are crazy! But looking at %'s always makes my mind feel better--I like looking at stats.

    Wine is GOOD for you--just in moderation of course! And yay you can have all the VIRTUAL wine you want this month over at my place ;)

  3. I am such a light drinker I am almost tee-total (I say almost because I will have a sip of Tim's wine to taste it, and sometimes like some alcoholic ginger beer, but more than 1/2 a pint or 1/2 a glass of wine and I fall asleep) So I didn't even drink on our wedding day... and it's not a problem for me, but I know there will be many other things I will want but not dare eat "just in case" from now on.

  4. i am glad you had your wine. To lessen your fear in your next 2ww....you can drink. The doc told me that for at least the first week of the ww, the baby is not even attached to your blood stream. Alcohol is more of an issue in the third trimester, the fear of FAS is HUGE in the third trimester. I was drunk the first 3 weekends I was pregnant (we went on 3 vacations back to back to back) because I didn't know i was pregnant. I was on the pill. Although I lost my daughter at 35 weeks, it was not because I drank the first 3 weeks....completely unrelated. So drink up, at least until you start all the hormones and stuff for the FET in spring. you may relax a little more, and your baby will be just fine:-)

  5. wine does wonders, doesn't it?!! at least it always makes me feel better....


  6. Glad you had fun at the weekend and the BFN didn't discourage you.

    And as they say "drink till it's pink".

    Hope you don't have to see too many more single pink lines, though.