Friday, November 5, 2010


So today I had to pick up a fake veil for a bachelorette party we are having tonight. I am pretty excited about the party, actually. It has been awhile since we have all gone out together for a night on the town. Should be fun. But anyway, I went on the hunt for a veil. I thought I could run to a cosutme shop near my work,but turns out it had closed down. Or moved. Or something. Who knows. But I was on a time limit, and really needed to hunt down this veil. I thought about running to a little place in the mall that has that kind of thing, but then I remembered the little adult shop right down the street. It will be much faster and I was sure they would have it!

So I go there. I mean, I am an adult. I am not such a prude that I can't handle going into an adult store. I mean, yes, there are pictures of naked women on the wall, but whatever. This isn't a seedy adult store full of dark corners and creepy peep shows. Adult stores sometimes have those, right? This place was well lit, and fairly normal. Okay, so they rent porn, but they also have a rather large selection of Halloween costumes that are rather cute, AND they have a very large bachelorette party section. Which was what I was there for.

So I find the veil and I head for the check out. I get in line, because oddly enough there is a line at the adult store on noon on a Friday, and patiently wait my turn. I try to not be nosy and look at other people's purchases. I mean, to each their own. But then...the guy in front of me...he starts talking to the clerk. He pulls out...oh, why am I embarrassed to type it...I am an ADULT. He pulled out this huge "adult toy", and starts going on an on about how it doesn't work and he wants to EXCHANGE it for a different one. And the clerk...god bless her, she is like, "Well...what's wrong with it?" And I have to STAND THERE. As they DISCUSS the details of what's wrong. And the perks of other options. Based on some of his questions about how these things work, I get the impression he is there for his girlfriend, and WHO RUNS THAT ERRAND for someone?? And I am horrified FOR THEM. Aren't there somethings that just don't get returned, no matter how poorly they work? Have they no SHAME?

And there I am. With my little veil in my hand. Clearly not a regular. Clearly not there for the "adult" sections at all. Just a little girl trying to buy a prop for a party. The guy really should have let me cut in line. Maybe I am a prude after all.


  1. I don't comment much, but I always read - and OMG this post had me laughing so hard!! How incredibly awkward! Seriously, WHO WOULD RETURN THAT???

  2. Oh you poor thing. Have you seen Amelie. This post reminded me a little of that.

    I was reading that many manufacturers of "adult toys" can actually get away with making bad quality products, because so few people are brave enough to return them :)

    I hope your girlfriend appreciates what you endured to get her that little vail.

  3. Cirillas! I, too, have been in that place for Bachelorette party items. Few times in my life have I felt more uncomfortable than whe nI wa there, and no one was even returning anything. Though there was this really old guy, dressed in a tux, buying a video. He reminded me of my grandpa, and I was both uncomfortable and completely grossed out. I haven't been back since...