Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Ready, Are You?

Because it's time for the last Harry Potter*!!

Representing Muggles

And of course, gotta support the postal service (and honor Hedwig *sob* )

We are seeing the movie tonight after work. So very excited. There are about ten of us going, so it should be fun!

On a similar note, yesterday at work I was in a meeting with a woman when her teenage daughter called. The mom did some sighing and took some notes, then hung up the phone. She turned to me and said, "My daughter is going to the midnight show of Harry Potter and wants to dress up..." clearly indicating she thinks her daughter is over the top.

I say, "Oh how GREAT! We used to go to all the midnight shows, but I guess I am too old! I have a Gryffindor tie, hat and scarf she can use!"

Mom looks at me a little shocked, and says "Gryffindor? Is that from Harry Potter? She wants to be someone called Luna?"

Me, "Oh, Luna is from Ravenclaw! You will need a blue and silver tie. And some Radish earrings and crazy glasses if you can get them."

Mom, *scribbling notes like mad* " My daughter said strawberry earrings...should I just give her a stick for wand?"

Me: "Oh, it's radish earrings. For sure. And I have a wand she can borrow"

Mom: *looks up with the show head turn. shakes head* "You really like these books, don't you?"

Me: "Um....sort of."

*part one of course, so we get to do this all again this summer! *Squee!!*


  1. Yay... we have still got to decide on which day we can make a showing of it when everyone is free, but we are soooo excited about it! I hope you have fun (I know will) x

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  3. I wish I could go with you!! Im bouncing out of my seat to go, just not sure when Im going to get a chance. Cant wait to hear what you think! Have fun!

  4. oooo im so jealous!! I'm a super huge fan, but usually have to drag my hubby to watch the movie (which he absolutely hates - he always sleeps through the movies).
    I wont be going until later. Have fun!!! And no spoilers pls (not that it matters if you've read the book, but still).

  5. I know you are going to hate me for saying this, but I just can't get into Harry Potter to save my soul!

    But, I hope you had a super great time and enjoyed the movie!!

  6. Hi! Stopping by for ICLW! Your son is adorable!

  7. Hubby and I saw it yesterday and it was AWESOME! Hope you guys had fun!

  8. I so ned to get a babysiter so i can go and see it. Your litle boy is such a cutie.

  9. I can't wait to see the new HP. I won't be going until Christmas time though. *sigh* I hope it was great!