Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's been a hard year. Maybe the hardest. But it's been a wonderful year too. From Missy's cancer and the death of my cousin to bringing home Cici and loving every second of our first full year with Henry. In the end, we know we have so so much to be thankful for. we having amazing family and friends. We have our homes and our jobs. We truly have amazing lives, and we are thankful for them each and every day of the year.
We celebrated yesterday with my family. All 20 of us. And although the absence of Daniel was in the air, it was wonderful to have our family together for the holidays. Today and tomorrow we will celebrate with Nick's family. It is going to be great.
So, from my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your time with family and give an extra hug to each and every person there. You never know what the next year may bring.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah and Happy ICLW...hope you celebration of Thanksgiving continues to be blessed and happy and that your journey for #2 is very successful ....prays for your cousin just got diagnosed with a tumor in her brain...we are still waiting on word with what is going on....

  2. that is a great picture of everyone!!
    hope the rest of your celebrations were great :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you... it al sounds like a wonderful holiday to share with family xx

  4. I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving. There really is so much to be thankful for, especially darling little Henry and Darcy.