Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Two Week Wait Amnesia

Isn't it interesting how your mind works during your two week wait. How your thoughts completely change from the start of the wait to the end. My mind goes a little something like this.

Day 14 of cycle. Approximate ovulation.
  • I don't think I ovulated. WHY ME. I hate my stupid body.
Day 16 of cycle.
  • There is no point getting my hopes up this month. I know it is not happening. My stupid endo had ruined my body and now I no longer ovulate. *mind goes back to first IUI where even on Chlomid I did not ovulate and they had to increase the dose* Damn it. This is a waste of time.
Day 18 of cycle
  • Maybe I did ovulate... I mean, I COULD that I think more clearly, I am pretty sure I did. And if I DID, then I could be pregnant RIGHT NOW.
Day 20++
  • Maybe...
Day 22
  • Probably...
Day 24
Day 26
  • Man, life sure is going to be different around here with me pregnant. I think I am hungry, better eat for the BABY! I am tired too...of course I am! I am growing LIFE! *babybabybabybabybabybaby*
Day 28
  • Oh. Right. *crushed*
++my approximate location on the 2WW delusional map. I am doing much better with my expectations this month, but still...I feel the hope creeping in.


  1. Wishing you the best! 2WWs suck!

  2. I don't have endo, just some other unexplained form of my usual 2ww is pretty much like yours...except I think 'must do the deed with the hubby' right around ovulation...then at the end when AF shows up I think 'darn I could have gotten more sleep!'....or well something to that know how it is I'm sure!

  3. Ah, welcome to The Wait.

    Thank you for your comment. It was so thoughtful - so elegant and touching.

    I will ride this out with you.

  4. The 2ww is hard. It's not bad to have a little hope though. I hope the rest of the time passes quickly. I am in the 2ww as well.

  5. I am waiting as well. But do not give up hope too quickly! I have no fertility issues, and we are still on month 6 of trying. It is a lot harder than they make it look :) keep your head up!

  6. :o(

    I'm having my coil out on Tuesday and so begins out TTC journey... but not having had a period for 5 years and having two of those darn "pseudo-menopauses" in the past couple of years I have no idea what my cycle is even going to be like, so I'm hoping I figure it out soon-ish otherwise I won't even know when I'm in the 2ww...

    It sucks you don't ovulate (I know that is a REAL understatement and I wish I had a better word for it, but I don't). I am keeping everything crossed for you guys xx

  7. The TWW sucks the Big One, and not in a good way for anyone.

    I can't live without knowing if I ovulated. Up until this past week, OPKs were my best friends, but now I have a fertility monitor! I know, I'm a little OCD.

    Here's to hoping your TWW ends better than my last one! :D