Thursday, November 4, 2010

Warm at Last

Well, our new furnace is officially up and running! It is so beautiful. And so quite. I mean, I didn't know that furnaces weren't suppose to sound like an old Volkswagen Beetle when they are running. Isn't everybody woken up in the night when their beast of a furnace kicks on? This new one...oh it's quite as a mouse. It's just divine.

So now we will no longer be at risk of dying of carbon monoxide poisoning in our sleep. Mainly because our new furnace isn't a death trap like the old one, but also because we also installed a fire alarm/carbon monoxide detector that is hooked up to our regular electricity and doesn't need batteries. Because like four years ago the first round of batteries ran out in our detector and I pulled them out one night when the damn thing wouldn't stop beeping. So for four years we have been living on the edge. On the edge with a furnace that was apparently pumping out carbon monoxide like it was nobodies business. But now that we are all grown up and adult (worried about Henry) we bough a new furnace that is not a death trap, AND we installed a warning system in case something goes wrong. We are so responsible.

At least, I think we are responsible. But as I continually bitched to anybody who would listen that "We can't turn on or furnace! It's DEADLY!! But I am so coooooold!" Nearly everyone was like, "Oh yeah, we haven't turned ours on yet. It's cold, but we are saving money!". Um, really? I must be the biggest temperature baby in the world. We would have fired ours up weeks ago! If I am even a touch cold, it's on. I need to be comfortable damn it! I need heat, or air, or whatever it takes to make me feel like I am constantly at an enjoyable climate. When the furnace guys were leaving yesterday they were like, "want me to set it at 70?" And I was like, "make it 72..." when really I wanted 74, but felt like an energy hog to admit it. But last night when it felt a little cool, I bumped it up. And happily listened as my nearly silent furnace warmed my house to a comfortable 74 degrees. I know all you people who keep it at 68 are shaking your head in horror. What can I say, I like it warm!


  1. Good for you.

    We turned on our heaters a couple of weeks ago. No point being cold when you can be warm, especially when it's freezing outside.

  2. Ours runs at 72 at night. My little one doesn't keep the covers on, so I feel better knowing the heat in the house is keeping her warm. Happy that you are now warm!!

  3. Yay for a new furnace. We started kicking ours in a few weeks ago when it started getting cold at night and then turning it off during the day. We keep it at about 69 and I keep nice warm blanket sleepers on A :) I am like you, I need to be comfortable. I am okay with needing a blanket to help with that, but I don't want to be freezing my butt off :)

  4. We have programmable thermostat and keep ours at 66 during the day and 62 at night. In the summer the A/C is at 78 during the day and 74 at night. We have space heaters in the bathrooms to warm it up in there during bathtime and use our fireplace as needed. You would probably NOT be comfortable at our house! We do warm it up when we have guests, though.

  5. In South Africa, we don't have central heating and I SO love it when we travel and have the luxury of the warmth :)

    I love to be warm and toasty.

    P.S> It's because we have such fabulous temperatures except it's been getting colder and colder in winter!

    I'm sitting here in shorts :)