Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yesterday morning I was rushing to get out of the house. I was trying to be quite as a mouse since Henry and Nick were both sleeping. I decided to not turn on the lights in the living room, since I had the light of the Christmas tree to guide me. I grabbed my Ugg like boots (which are actually Emu boots, and a very nice brand in and of themselves, but if I said I grabbed my Emu boots you would be like "???" and if I say Ugg you are like, "Ahhhh!" Ugg really cornered the market on the fur lined boots.) and ran out the door. It was freezing, so I am all bundled up for warmth or what not. So thankful for my boots to keep my little feet warm.

As I dash from my car to work I start to notice that my shoes feel a little funny...like they are rubbing on the outside of my foot. Odd, I think. I remember these things being so comfortable last year. I get into the building and go to unlock my lab. As I pull out my keys I look down, and that's when I see it. My shoes... they are on the wrong feet. THE WRONG FEET. Yes they are. I actually put my shoes on the wrong feet by the light of the Christmas tree, and then went to work with them that way without noticing. Because apparently I am now six years old.


  1. I love that, in fact I was wondering if the punchline was going be a pair of bunny slippers - I definitely wasn't expecting the wrong feet.

  2. I thought you were going to say you grabbed two different shoes. But putting them on the wrong feet and not noticing is even worse. lol! Isn't it fun to feel silly every now and then? ;)