Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In Case You Were Curious...

I am now on cycle day 42. No end in sight. Several single pink lines, so we just keep waiting. Not sure if this is a new problem from my endo or just a really messed up month. Either way, it's a bummer.


  1. :o( sorry to hear this!

    It's horrid when you don't know what is going on... here's hoping something happens soon xx

  2. So, this is probably a dumb question for someone who has gone through various fertility treatments, but do you know when/if you ovulated? I have way wonky cycles and had to use basal body temps to figure out when I ovulated. My three were conceived on cycle day 38, 27 and 66 (yes, day 66), with positive pregnancy tests 18-20 days later. So maybe, due to the endo, or hormone changes or whatever, you haven't even ovulated, or ovulated way, way late. Just a thought.

  3. Boo! I hate cycles like that. They give you such a false sense of hope. I hope it ends soon!

  4. I definitley hate cycles like that :( However, the one time my cycle did that, I ended up pregnant with Aiden :) but I do believe it was the Prometrium I ended up on to get things going. Hang in there...hope things get going for you soon!