Friday, December 3, 2010

Calling in Doc

Well, once I hit day 42 of this cycle I decided it might be wise to call my RE doctor (aka fertility doctor, aka Doc). We haven't talked about Doc in a long time around here. Can't say I am happy he is back in the picture, but he helped us to have our sweet Henry, so I kinda sorta love the man. Just in that "wish I never had to talk to you again" sorta way.

Anyway, I talked to the IVF nurse, and she basically said what I already knew. I didn't ovulate. Basically, my body is a disaster. It was like I could hear her head shaking with pity when I was like, "we just wanted to try on our own for a little bit..." . Remember, mind you, that when we first went to see them we found out that it took a double dose of Clomid to get me ovulating, so I sorta see the need for the (in my head) pity head shake. She was so sweet and helpful. It's like she said, "Come on back here now sweet girl. We will help you have a baby." I love the IVF nurse.

So we are back. We talked about options, and I told her we wanted to do a transfer around February (assuming everything goes right and we get a decent tax return.... because money.... hahaha....right). She called me in progesterone pills to start taking now. I take them for ten days, the she said 3-7 days after that I will finally start. Then it's back on birth control until January 22. After that the fun begins.

So....we have answers. Not the one we wanted, but still it's answers. We hoped it would happen on it's own, but we knew it was a long shot. We originally said we would try for three months on our own, but after talking to her we are scratching the last month because it feels rather pointless. Now we are ready to get rolling with the FET!


  1. Hugs!!! It's always good to have answers, better than being in the dark. I have to say though, you might want to look into doing acupuncture too. It certainly helped me with my crazy long annovulatory cycles. Anything to make it happen right!?

  2. Bummer. I am sorry girl. Sorry that you are going to have to go through IVF again to be a mama. I wish you had been one of those girls who did IVF once and then got pregnant on your own multiple times afterward. Isn't that what all of us infertiles wish for?

    I am sending you loads of well wishes, luck, baby dust, and prayers for your upcoming transfer. Since it won't be until Feb, that is a LOT of good vibes coming your way from me!


  3. Ugh. So sorry the good ole body didnt cooperate--I so wish I could be "surprised" one month--but I know that is SO not going to happen.

    I hate that you have to go down the FET path--BUT, so happy you get to start the journey for #2!

  4. Oh, shoot :( Haven't checked in with you for a while and was sad to see your post+...but sending you lots of prayers & blessings as you make preparations for Henry's new brother or sister!