Sunday, December 5, 2010

This is so Last Month

So remember Thanksgiving? That big family holiday where you may or may not take like a million pictures? Well, that happened. And I was of the "take millions" variety this year. And I was all like, "Man, these pictures are AWESOME! I can't wait to post them!" Then I walked right out of my in-laws house without my camera. Fast forward a week and I get my camera back. But now it feels awfully late for a big Thanksgiving day picture extravaganza. But whatever. I have the pictures and I am posting them, damn it. (Happy Thanksgiving)
Our First Thanksgiving was on Wednesday at my parents. We had 20 people and it was so great! Just like this picture, which I love.
Nick and Missy. Also love.
Cousins, the next Generation
My Aunt Carole flew in from California. Henry was a fan!
The best of many attempts at a great grandparent shot. These kids make things hard sometimes. By "kids" I mean Henry. Cici, as normal, is an angle.
family. (Henry tries to escape)
Thanksgiving 2010
On Thursday we were at my Mother in laws, and the South Carolina family came into town. So great!
Thanksgiving 2010
Aunt Candice brought her new baby. Meet Trigger. Half black lab, half German Shepherd. Sweetest puppy ever.(except for Ellie of course)
Thanksgiving 2010
Speaking of Ellie, meet the ghost dog. Never left the turkeys side at any of the three Thanksgivings. (This picture makes us laugh so hard)
Thanksgiving 2010
Kelsey and Henry
On Friday we did our Last Thanksgiving with Nick's Dad's side of the family. I love all of our Thanksgivings!
The siblings
Gram, Meagan and Savanna with Henry (who wants to get back to his computer time)
If someone is begging for a laptop next year we know who to send out on Black Friday!
The new baby
Gram and Jessica
At some point in the day the boys found Chris' old Nintendo Power posters. ALL the boys were impressed. (Me, not so much, seeing as how I now have one framed over my dining room table)
Uncle Chris with his poster collection

And on that awesome note, I will stop with the pictures. I bet you all can't wait to see how many I can take at Christmas...


  1. Love big family dinners like that!

  2. That is so fun! Three dinners. Dang. Are you on a diet now, or are you waiting until after Christmas? lol

    The Ghost Dog picture cracks me up too. Is the dog a Border Collie?

  3. Ooo I always love your pictures--no matter when they were taken :)