Friday, March 18, 2011

Along for the Ride

Last weekend Henry went to South Carolina. Nick and I stayed home. This was big news, and the fact that I somehow never blogged about it is still a mystery to me. He went with Nick's mom to visit his SC family for his Great-Mawmaw's birthday. You all, we missed him. We missed him bad. It wasn't the first time for me or Nick to be away from Henry for three nights, but it was the first time for Henry to be away from both of us and away from his home for that long. In the past Nick or I have been the ones gone, so this was totally different. All of a sudden it was just the two of us with our empty house full of toys. With Henry not just at his grandparents house, but a fill six hours and three states away. Nick and I spent time with friends, went out to dinners and movies and bars. We had a wonderful child free weekend, and couldn't wait to get our arms around our sweet boy as soon as he got home.

When they first arrived in South Carolina I talked to my mother-in-law to see how he did with the drive. She told me he did great. That he watched Toy Story, he loved the tunnels, he was perfect. Then she told me something that, even though I didn't see myself, has become this picture I keep thinking of in my mind over the last week.

While driving through the mountains Henry was napping. He woke up and the sun was shinning in the back window. He took both his hands and put them up behind his head and turned his face towards the sun and smiled. Just kicked back, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful drive through the mountains. And I can picture it because it is SO Henry. My sweet sweet boy being his laid back self. Just along for the ride through the mountains to see his family. Happy and content. It is a tiny thing, but that picture of him, I love it so.

*This picture has nothing to do with this story, but it sure does show his sweetness.


  1. you are amazing - how did you not freak out about letting him go? Please share (I don't even want other people besides me and D driving around with mine. ok, we do live in Joburg but still)

  2. Wow... a whole weekend with Henry so far away... no wonder you were glad to have him back, I can't begin to imagine how weird it must have been for your guys!

    Also... I don't care if the photos in your posts have nothing to do with the story... any photo of Henry is much appreciated by this blog reader xx

  3. Awwww! I would have such a hard time without my Munchkin! We are going on vacation soon and people keep asking if we're taking Baby Bean. What kind of question is that?! lol I went through hell and back to bring that child into my life, no vacation would be a vacation without her.

    Henry is so stinking sweet. I hope he had a great time.

  4. Happy ICLW!

    You survived your weekend away from your baby!! Go you!!! I can imagine that it was not easy for you.

    That photo is gorgeous! xx What a cutie.

  5. It sounds like Henry is a sensitive and happy boy. Lucky you. BTW, though it is difficult to be away from your children for a little while, I firmly believe that it's a growth experience for them as long as they ar with someone who loves and nurtures them. Whenever we left my daughter for a weekend, which was about once a year, she seemed to have developed at lightning speed while we were away and she was never traumatized. Not to mention that Moms and Dads need couple time to focus on each other.

    Lisa (ICLW #112)