Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Evaluations Continue

Well yesterday Henry and I spent a huge chunk of our day meeting with people about his speech delays. We started the morning at the hearing test center, where Henry managed to destroy the toy section of the office. The hearing specialist informed me that he was the first child to ever do such a thing. I am pretty sure she was kidding. (I laughed, so I hope so.) After several tests on his ears she determined that he can most definitely hear. SCORE!

Next we ran home for the meeting with the case worker and his speech evaluator. Well, actually first we went to Chic-fil-a because Mama wasn't up for making lunch. And OBVIOUSLY Henry needed a treat for doing so awesome on his hearing test. A kid needs some waffle fries when it is proven he can hear. After that we went home for the meeting, which went really well. It was more or less just a review of his evaluation and discussions about setting goals for his next six months in therapy. Henry was a ham the entire time. Seriously, he was in love with these women. He kept getting on the back of the couch, then rolling down so his head was in the coordinators lap. He brought them books to read him and toys to play with. They laughed and played and told me again and again what a sweet boy he is. How lucky his therapist is to have him. As I watched them loving my Henry I knew this was the right decision. We start his official speech therapy in two weeks. I am excited to learn the techniques to use to help our him start to really use language.

After the meeting and his nap we went to the park. Because every good boy should get to run outside on such a beautiful day.

We can't wait to hear what you have to say, sweet boy.

He fills my heart.


  1. I think everyone needs waffle fries... regardless. Could just be me though.

  2. Great news that it is going so well. I am sure he is going to do awesome at speech therapy too. He really does look like such a sweet little guy.