Monday, March 7, 2011

Out of Hibernation

Every year at about this time I get this itch to get out of the house and do something. I guess the feeling isn't that surprising seeing as how every single winter Nick and I go into this winter hibernation where we lay around and eat and watch TV every night for about four months. Then, once I begin to see my dear friend the sun again, I realize, "Hey, I like people...I like going out in public... I like showers. Why don't we go out and DO something?" So anyway, the de-hibernation is yet again upon us and if feels awesome. After the park on Wednesday I felt the itch coming on, and then that night I saw on Facebook that one of my good friends had gotten engaged that day. That settled it. It was high time to see my friends! I sent out an email first thing Thursday morning with a list of dates I would be available to be social. Clearly I believe that my friends must emerge from their hibernation at the same time that I do.

We actually met for lunch at a local book store, and me and Boo got there a little early to pick up a couple of things. When we went down to the kids section we realized they were having a Cat in the Hat party! Henry thoroughly enjoyed himself.

His very own, self-mad Cat in the Hat Hat!

The Cat in the Hat was actually at the party, which was cool. Henry got THIS close. Which was close enough to earn him a sticker. Which he promptly stuck on his cheek. The coolest kid at the party, obviously.

And here are the kiddos at lunch. Love these three!

Our group minus the Bride-to-Be, who had to run out for a dress fitting. I like how Henry is way too cool to be involved with this mass picture nonsense.

Anyway, all that is just to tell you that I went out with my friends on Saturday. Like a grown-up! And we laughed, and talked and truly enjoyed each other. It was the first time in way too long that we got together and I can't wait to do it again... this coming weekend. Because that was the second date on my email. When I get rolling I get rolling!


  1. Cute photos! I know what you mean about wanting to stop hibernating. I feel that way too lately.

  2. That photo of Henry in the Cat in the Hat hat is adorable!