Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have been reading infertility blogs for a very long time. I started reading way before we ever even started trying for a baby. The ones I started with were girls who also had endometriosis, but then sometimes I just found girls I loved. As I read, I learned all the terms and initials and random infertility lingo. I felt fairly in the know about everything by the time I realized I too was about to take my blog from personal diary to infertility blog. But there was this one thing that I just could never work out. People used it ALL the time, and although I knew it must be obvious, and I knew it was some sort of count down, I just COULD NOT figure it out. It was all the





Seriously. I was lost. I tried to work it out. I DID. And that makes it more embarrassing that I COULD NOT figure out what it meant. I looked on peoples infertility keys on their sidebars. Nobody listed it! I knew it was a count down, but how does it work? For awhile I thought it was like "2 days past 5 days to" but that didn't really make since because the two numbers didn't add up to the persons pregnancy test day. I never cared enough to ask, but whenever I saw it, which in the infertility blogging world is a lot, I felt like I was missing something obvious. And I was. One day I was on Aly's blog and saw this:

9dp3dt and 10dp3dt

I was a title of her post, and then it hit me. Just like that. The key was that the second number never moved. I had NEVER noticed that! And I knew she did a three day transfer. And then it clicked. That means THREE DAY TRANSFER. The second numbers don't change!! It was like this long term light bulb finally clicked on and I just said YES! I GET IT!!

So, there it is. The mystery is finally solved. And I thought of posting today about how I am 2dp5dt, because I finally CAN because I know what it means! But then thought about those other poor souls who have not freaking clue what means. So here is finally a post that explains the obvious. For fools like me.

2dp5dt = two days past a 5 day transfer

Tomorrow I will be 3dp5dt. And on 8dp5dt I will be going in for my beta to see if I am pregnant. As you add those two numbers, the closer they get to 14, the closer they are to their test.

Look at me. Learning.


  1. EIGHT DAYS???

    Why do you get to go in on EIGHT days?

    My fertility shop runs a 10 day wait.


    Be strong little baby holder, be strong.

  2. So funny it happened to me to. It took me a while to figure that one out!

  3. Haha... like you, I have often come across infertility blogs and not had a clue what several of the terms mean. I think I actually googled this one to figure it out!

    Sorry to hear the third embryo didn't survive, but keeping my fingers crossed for the two little ones to make a nice cosy home for themselves for the next 9 months xx

  4. Oh aren't you adorable! THANK YOU for explaining your terms to us dummies out here!! Staying so hopeful with you!

  5. Thanks for the explanation!! I never understood that one either.