Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Embryo Update

Remember our little extra embryo I told you about yesterday? As a brief summary, they had to thaw four embryos to get two for us to transfer. At the time we were at the clinic three of the four were still alive. Two looked very good, one was a little questionable. We always knew we wanted to transfer two, and were really not comfortable with the idea of changing our plan and transfering in three. This meant that we transfered the two best looking embryos and that they would keep an eye on the little embryo that was thawed and alive, but not being transfered. If he (or she) survived the night they would re-freeze him and could be kept along with the other two frozen embryos we still have.

Well, I got a call this morning and the little embryo didn't make it. And I was really sad. Sadder than I expected. I didn't feel that upset about the first one that didn't make it at all. We always knew that not all the embryos would survive the thaw, but still, this one felt different. Becuase when we were there it was still alive. And then... it wasn't. It got me thinking about the two we transfered. How are they? They were alive yesterday, but are they still? And that means we used four of our six for this one transfer. Just two left. Which could be plenty. But still. Just thinking.

Anyway, that's all. We lost the extra, but still have two frozen and we have our two great looking embryos that were transfered. Keeping my fingers crossed that one (or even both... eek!) of those sweet embryos decide to stick around and become our much hoped for baby #2.


  1. I bet it hurts a lot.

    You had a tough choice, but you tried the best route - there was a chance s/he would make it to refreeze.

    I am sorry.

  2. Sorry....HUGS!

    Look at it this way though...although the little embryo was still alive yesterday, it wasn't looking too good. You transferred the two best looking ones and they are no longer in a petri dish in an artificial environment...they are home, warm, cozy and snug in their mama's womb...snuggling in for the next 9 months!!! Think positive and I pray you get your BFP next week!!!!

  3. Been thinking of you all day...and holding hope for you for this cycle!