Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have been wanting to try it for awhile, but I am left handed. It made it all seem more complicated. But recently Nick just said lets do it. We called to see if they had left handed clubs we could borrow, and this weekend Nick took me to the driving range for my first lesson.
I loved it. Truly. I cannot wait to go back. It felt good to be outside, doing something for me. Something with Nick. I am awful. Like truly dreadful, but I have to get better, right?

I was worried about what it would do to my back. I haven't talked about it on here, but my back is still extremely painful every night. The doctors aren't sure what to do about it, so they just give me things to reduce swelling and help with pain. Nothing really helps. So after the morning at the driving range I was worried. It was fun, but would it be worth the pain?

That night we watched some TV on the couch after Henry went to bed. When I went to get up I braced for the pain. That is when it is always the worst. After a long day, and then I rest it and it locks up. I can hardly stand. Except...after golfing it was different. It didn't actually hurt that much at all. I could stand up. I could walk around. It was LIKE MAGIC.

So, maybe the swinging motion worked out the muscle. Maybe it was just finally on the mend. Who knows. But my back is feeling better and I think I might actually have a new hobby.


  1. I told Mike that I want to go to the driving range but he is very hesitant... He insists the golf course is not for girls...

    Which makes him sound kind of awful and sexist but he's only joking. I always tell him when he takes me golfing for the first time I'm going to blow his mind and score an 18.



  2. That is great that your back is feeling better! Great post and you are inspiring me to go to the driving range with my DH.

  3. I hope that golfing continues to help the pain. It would be funny if you ended up going pro because it made your back feel better. Maybe you should get a massage membership somewhere and see if that helps too.

  4. How exciting! Tim is a huge fan of golf (we watched the Open all weekend!!) In fact it is the only sport he's really interested in at all. He has his own set of clubs and keeps telling me we have to go sometime so he can teach me.

    Glad to hear your back seemed to be better after all that swinging action rather than worse. I hope it continues to improve as having a bad back for such a long time must really suck!

  5. Love it! I went to the driving range for a while....until I hit someone next to me with the golfball I hit. =)

    My Mom is a lefty golfer and loves playing now that she has the right clubs.

    Enjoy your new hobby!

  6. We did golf once in phys ed in high school and I was absolutely terrible. I couldn't even make the ball go a foot in front of me. It was super pathetic. :-) Glad you had a much better time than I did!!

    Here from ICLW

  7. Well done on being active and yay for golf!

  8. Happy ICLW! Man, I'm a lefty, too and am so intimidated by golf. So glad you loved it, and more importantly, that it seems to have worked out some kink in your back. Awesome!

    ICLW #38

  9. I'm a lefty too and have also only tried playing around at a driving range once. It was lots of fun, when I actually could hit the ball. LOL
    I hope swinging a golf club helps your back even more. Pain is not fun.