Monday, July 25, 2011


Henry is such a boy. Like, some of the stuff he is in to, I don't even know where it came from or how it started. Last night he picked up the attachment to the vacuum and started pretending it was a gun, and then tried to shoot Cici (poor Cici). Where did he even learn that?

He loves trains and cars, tracks and crashes. He loves it all. His newest love is the truck. He sees them everywhere, pointing them out to us, making sure we all see the glory that is the truck parked beside us. The only little problem is that with his language still a little delayed, he can't exactly say truck. I mean... he comes really close. Just that pesky TR sound isn't really there for him yet. So, being the constant problem solver that he is, he decided to just replace the TR with another, similar sound. The F sound.

Henry: "Fuck!" pointing to the large truck beside us in the Lowes parking lot.

Mama: "TR-uck! TR-uck with a TR sound Henry."

Henry: "Fuck? Fuck? Fuck?"

Papa: "Yes bubby, it's a TRUCK. TR-TR-TRUCK"

Henry: "WOW...FUCK!"

Mama: "T-T-T"

Henry: "T-T-T"

Mama: "Tr-Tr-Tr"

Henry: "Tw-Tw-Tw"

Mama: *We are close! He will get it this time* "TRUCK Henry, TRUCK, TRUCK, TRUCK!"


Mama: "Good job baby. That's fine. Good job using your words."


  1. We had a similar incident with the word TRuck - at a business gathering in front of the whole world. It made everyone laugh, which only made her say it incorrectly more. Ugh. Now everyone asks us where she hears such language. Embarrassing.

  2. That's so funny. My mom said I used to do that. My daughter can't say F's. She uses "sh" instead. Shall for Fall. Shore for Floor. Very funny and much more benign than Henry's TR's!

    And, I'm happy Henry's speech has picked up so much! My son's speech is still missing in action. I had him evaluated to see if he'd qualify for speech therapy, and they said he didn't qualify. Meaning he's smart and knows a lot and he'll get there eventually. Frustrating. Meanwhile, his twin sister can say cyclinder, diamond, and triangle (we played with shapes this weekend).

  3. O used to use the "K" sound instead of the F when saying truck. I'll never forget a visit to DC where he started yelling "BEEEEG! COCK!" in the middle of a crowd at the Washington Monument. We just kept saying "Yes, that IS a BIG TRUCK!"

    Can't do much but laugh, right? :)

  4. I used to have the same issue with learning whole words...but rarely with such hysterical results.

    Real word "Horsey"
    Bethlin's word "Four-see"
    Bethlin's Mom "huh-huh-horsey"
    Bethlin "huh-huh-Four-see!"

    My mother still finds this amusing. Whereas my grandma liked my ryhming song "Kitchen Witchen Bitchen" which was sung at the top of my lungs in church.

  5. Leighton calls horses "foo-foos" and we have no clue why! Not quite as funny as Henry's "truck." They are so cute at this age!!

  6. Oh my gosh, this had me laughing so much. And kind of thankful that Bean calls them "vroom vrooms." I think we'll stick with that for now :)

  7. Ha! Oman is dooooing the same thing--and sometimes it sounds like he says: Big red cock! hahah--cant help but laugh, but wow its awkward in public :)
    When are we getting our two boys together?! :)