Friday, July 8, 2011

My Boy

He loves being outside these days. Riding his tricycle and splashing in puddles. Pulling weeds with his Papa or trying to walk Ellie on her leash. He looks out the window and whispers "out?"

He loves to help me cook. Wanting to stir and watch and help. He is constantly in between me and the counter, asking to be held, wanting to be apart of things. Literally holding on to my apron strings as I work.

He goes to bed easily now. Carefully choosing his three matchbox cars, then running to his room and climbing into his own bed. Yelling "Night Night Papa!" over his shoulder as he goes. We read three books in bed, then he smiles and me and says "Bye!" As I turn off the light.

His meltdowns are mighty. The amount of emotion that pours out of him when things don't go his way are both heartbreaking and comical. Oh the smallest things bring on the "LIFE ISN'T FAIR" side of our boy. And that's okay. It's hard, but it's also okay. Because sometimes, life really isn't fair. And that's a hard lesson to learn, no matter if you are two or thirty-one.

His excitement fills a room. We opened his case of Matchbox cars last night and it was full, filled with cars his Papa found in the attic from his own childhood collection. His eyes lit up and he yelled "WOWWWWW!!!!" then screamed and burst into a fit of giggles. If we could bottle his love of life we would be millionaires.

He is talking all the time. Not sentences, but always talking. "Up?", "Eat?", "Help, Mama!", "MOON!!!" He is finding his voice, and it makes my heart happy.

He is eating better everyday. Yelling "Eat!" when it's time for dinner and running to his chair to climb in. He uses a big fork now, taking bites then clapping for himself and saying "Yay!!".

He is a joy. A constant joy. His shrieks of laughter fill our home. Oh how he loves us. Running into our arms. Holding our faces and giving us a kiss. Yelling "MAMA!!" as he squeezes me tight.

This boy, does he know the power he has over us? He holds out entire world. And our world is very very precious.
4th of July


  1. i love how you've captured the essence of him, the awesome and the challenging.

  2. Their little bodies are just filled with so much passion and frustration. I get that

  3. Awww. What a beautiful post. He sounds like a magical little boy.