Monday, January 9, 2012


This week classes start again, and I am once again enrolled.  Four semesters down, one Masters class at a time.  Only another ten to go.  I don't talk about the fact that I am working on my Masters very often here on the blog (or anywhere else for that matter).  I tell myself it isn't really worth talking about or getting excited about.  I am proud of my 4.0 Masters GPA, but it is only one class, nothing to brag about.

But then I think about it.  And you know, I think it's okay to be proud of myself.  It isn't like the ONLY thing I am doing is taking one class a semester.  I work full time, I am a mother and a wife, a sister and a daughter.  I write this blog, and write several other places as well.  I read books and do reviews, I spend time with my girl friends and family.  And in the middle of that, I have managed to continue taking classes and to do extremely well at them.  To maintain a 4.0 in a very challenging masters program.

So, I think it's okay to say it.  You guys, I am really REALLY proud of myself.  I am bettering myself and the future of my family.  I am working hard and am learning so much.  This is worth my time and energy, and I am  proud of the fact that I am doing it and doing it well.

So here is to another semester.  This time I am taking Women's Health Behavior.  It will be extremely interesting and will get me three credit hours closer to my final goal of a Masters in Public Health.  Here's to a 4.0, one class at a time.


  1. I salute you, hon! It is hard to do anything while working and trying to raise a family--and you are kicking butt! Good job!

  2. You are right--we never talk about it but just so you know I AM PROUD OF YOU!!!

  3. It is hard as hell, but worth it. And you absolutely deserve to be proud of yourself!