Thursday, January 26, 2012

When the Blog Replaces a Baby Book

So this is one of those posts that maybe nobody cares much about except for myself and Henry's grandparents.  But seeing as how I don't actually have a baby book for Henry, or I DO have one, but it is completely empty except for the random pieces of memorabilia I have stuck inside (such as his footprints and his hospital bracelet).  Besides that the adorable book is pointless. THIS is Henry's virtual baby book.  And so sometimes posts like this are necessary.  Don't worry. I will include pictures to help make it more interesting.

Henry says Helloooo there. Welcome to my boring stats post.

Henry had his two and a half year check up yesterday. Yes, I know this is a little late. In all honesty, I kept waiting for him to get sick in order to take him in and kill two copay birds with one stone. Turns out the kid stayed healthy so I finally caved to make the appointment. THEN it turns out that with the new Obama Care Plan our office is no longer charging for copays on well child checks because insurance companies are suppose to cover them. AMAZING!
Henry says: Mama, even I am bored with this post. Move along to the interesting stuff!

So on to the stats! That we got completely for free!

Height: 36 1/2 inches 50-75th percentile

Weight: 26 pounds 5-10 percentile

Head: 20 inches 75-90 percentile
Henry says: That's right ladies. If you like tall and skinny with a slightly big head to hold all these brains, I am totally your man. 

For the record, I don't think the height measurement is accurate.  He was moving around like crazy I think he has at least another inch he can claim.  I will get a tape measure at some point and make him stand against the wall in the bathroom to begin the family tradition of writing on walls to show a childs growth.   
Henry says: Well that seems like a double standard. If I try to write on walls, I always get into a ton of trouble!

So that's about it.  Tall, skinny, extremely healthy.  You can't beat that! 

A special thanks to Cousin Matt for these pictures of Henry. He was able to take some shots that actually capture what he REALLY looks like in some random, around the house snap shots. Something I have been trying to do now for two and a half years. I would say it was his fancy camera, but really I think it was the guy behind it who has an eye for capturing things on film. I love them, even though the boy pretty much refused to smile in all of them.
Or... almost all of them.  My sweet boy. Two and a half already. How is it possible?


  1. LOL when I was looking at your pics, I thought, "oh Sarah's got herself a new camera" and then I saw the bit about the cousing :)

    I can't believe it - Henry is a tiny bit heavier than Kendra. She's 11.7 kg and Henry is 11.8 kg :)

    And he's GORGEOUS and ADORABLE! (as always)

    1. LOL, I did actually get a new camera for Christmas! It just isn't quite as nice as Cousin Matt's. :)

  2. Love these pics. I want a fancy new camera to take fun pics of my little man but The Hubs doesn't think it is necessary.

    Little boys are so cute!

  3. What a sweet boy you got there!

    Here from iclw.