Friday, January 13, 2012

King of the Castle

For some reason Henry thinks all homes belong to the woman in the family.  Our house is "Mama's House!".  And he tells us about it often.  I usually say "Yes baby, this is Mama's house and Papa's house and Henry's house!".  He agrees... just to placate me, then goes back to yelling "Mama's House!" and pointing to the ceiling. And this isn't just with our house.  We have "Boo's House!", "Nanny's House!", "Nana's House!".  Every house seems to belong to the Mama (or grandmama) in residence.  but there is one exception.

Nick's dad recently sold his house that was about a half hour away and is moving back to the city.  We are SO excited to have him here.  We now can drop in regularly, stopping by for waffles for dinner or to watch a playoff football game. Or... you know... to drop off a two year old and let Mama and Papa have a grown up dinner somewhere in town.  But since Granddaddy was wanting to build a new house here, but didn't want to start construction until the old house sold, he is currently living in an apartment building.  It is a nice place,  all brick with three stories and open stairwells you can see from the parking lot.  It looks like a normal apartment complex.

Well, this weekend we pulled in to the parking lot and Henry looks up at the building and whispers "Granddaddy's  Castle?"   We laughed and told him it was Granddaddy's apartment and went inside.

A little side note: "How does Henry even know about castles?" you ask?  Well that might have something to do with his love of Tangled. WHAT?  Boys can like princess movies!  We are not categorizing between girl and boys things around here... We are all for equality!  (Translation.  Mama loves that movie) Or it could be because we pass our local castle on the way to Nana's house.  No really.  We have a local castle.  And we are proud of it.  Not many cities US cities have an actual castle.

So anyway, we head into the apartment to visit with Grandaddy and Val. Henry has a great time.  They laugh and play, they watch movies and they hid under the kitchen table like it's a fort. After about an hour Henry climbs onto the couch, looks at us and says "Grandaddy's CASTLE!" and points to the ceiling.  It's official.  Grandaddy lives in a castle.

Christmas 2011
And I think we all know who is King.


  1. I love "Tangled" as well - it's one of my favorite movies!!

  2. Wow your local castle is great!!

    I grew up in Lincoln, one of the oldest cities in the UK, built by the Romans as, originally, Lindum Colonium. It has a castle and a Cathedral (at the top of a very steep, cobbled hill, aptly named "Steep Hill" haha). Anyway the castle was built in 1068 by William the Conqueror (well not him personally I'm guessing!) but now it is just the outer walls and the old prison and the current crown court, so it isn't quite as complete as yours!! I guess that is a major difference between the US and UK, over here we are so used to things that are hundreds of years old and so many ruins (esp if you grew up in a city like Lincoln) that we don't really think about how lucky we are to have such history on our doorstep. I actually grew up thinking every town had a Cathedral! Oh how I wish I could take you and Henry on a tour of the castle walls and Cathedral to look for the Lincoln Imp :)