Monday, February 13, 2012


So that overwhelmed, exhausted feeling I talked about on Friday has eased up.  The main reason is because Henry stayed the night with his Nana and Grandpa on Friday.  That allowed me to spend three solid hours working on all the STUFF I needed to do.  I am now completely caught up with class and my application is 100% finished. (Thank god!)  I breathed a huge sigh of relief, ordered a pizza and spent the night with Nick on the couch watching Cowboys and Aliens.  I don't remember the last time we actually watched an entire movie. It was glorious! (The time together.  The movie was okay) After that I went to bed and slept for eleven hours and woke up a new person!

Between Saturday and Sunday I managed to spend a lot of time relaxing, had dinner with friends, brunch with friends, and went to an actual movie at the THEATER.  NOT TOO BAD!  For the record, the movie was The Vow.  Also just okay, but still and enjoyable time.

Sometime during the week Nick watched an episode of How It's Made and decided he was up for the challenge of making sushi at home.  I am as surprised as you are.  We decided on California Roles, mainly to avoid actual raw fish on our first attempt, but also because I love them.  They came out So. Great.  You guys, they were amazing!  Like, they tasted like they were from a restaurant!  At this point I should have pictures of Nick making our California Rolls, but I didn't think of that until he was totally done.  (I am sorta worthless). I did manage to snap a rather grainy picture with my iphone of the final product...

Impressive, right??

Anyway, I DID also realize I haven't posted a picture of Henry in like WEEKS.  What is this blog coming to?  But I didn't realize it until 10:15 on Sunday night, so.... Here is what he looks like when you surprise him with a camera a 10:15pm!
Startled, and yet adorable!
This is what he looks like when he gets tired of me telling him to "Smile!  Henry. Henry.  Henry.  LOOK AT MAMA.  Henry.  SMILE!" and just goes back to Angry Birds.
And THIS is what he looks like about three seconds before he falls off the arm of the recliner.

Mother. Of. The. Year. (Don't worry too much, he fell cushion side, so it was a soft landing that only resulted in him saying "Henry fall down!")

You might be asking why on earth a two year old is up at 10:15pm. Well... He woke up from his nap at 4pm, but I was at the movie and Nick brought him out to the couch to just relax...and well... apparently they both fell asleep until 6pm. Right. Correction from above.


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