Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

So it's leap year day.  And it feels like that should mean something, and yet... I've got nothing.  Did you know that since leap year was in the year 2000 (In the Year 2000!)  that the leap years are now always on the years that are factors of 4.  Now if you ever wander when the next leap year is, you just have to recite your multiplication tables and you will be set.
You will forever remember me and my blog for providing you this little tip.  I knew if I talked long enough, I would find a way to work myself into your long term memory!

In other news, I had a feeling that the smiling for the camera phase might have been short lived.  Now that he has come to realize the joy of seeing yourself on the screen, he has found a much more enjoyable face to make...and then laugh about.
"Henry Singing!"
"Mama, Mama, TAKE MY PICTURE!"
"Henry funny"

If his father in any indication, I think pictures like this will be common for the next 30 years.

*Surgery is scheduled for next Thursday to remove my cyst and any endometriosis they find.  Hopefully it will go smoothly and will help to control all of this pain.

*We have a lot of things going on around here over the next few weeks, family stuff, surgery, Missy is moving, my work is crazy busy.  I may be posting less, and those posts might be really short, or only contain a few pictures.  Don't worry if I am gone.  I am okay.   I am just focusing on things away from the computer. 

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