Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shifting the Mood

So I am thinking we need some serious mood shifting around these parts.  Am I right?  I mean, my last two posts.... sort of downers.  So I am thinking this might make everyone feel just a little better... Henry
Am I right? I mean, doesn't he just melt your heart? Or is that just his Mama's heart... either way, I think we can all agree that this makes us feel better than my crying on the phone to a poor receptionist. And what about this one??
I cannot tell you how pleased I am that he seems to finally be willing to smile for the camera when I say "CHEESE!". I mean... he does at least 5% of the time. With the number of pictures I take 5% isn't too shabby.

Or how about we lift the mood by showing you a sweet picture of me and Nick from ten years ago?  Yes, this is a picture of a (blurry) picture, and yet I love it!  We are so  young... so innocent... so SKINNY!  I actually mentioned on Facebook and Twitter last night that I remember thinking I looked fat in that tank top.  Isn't that just disgusting?  (If you are curious how that is possible, I was insanely skinny in high school and this was after I had put on about 25 VERY NEEDED pounds.  I had usually worn clothes that were too big for me to hide my tiny size and so this fitted tank felt like it was showing off my "belly".  I know.  Idiot.)

Anyway, this skinny nature of myself in this picture reminds me that I can tell you about how well I am doing on my diet with My Fitness Pal!  It has been three weeks and I have lost 7.1 pounds!  That means I am at an even 10 pounds since January 1st.  You all, I am so thrilled with this.  My clothes are loose, I am even thinking of trying on my pre-pregnancy jeans soon.  Yes, they are four years old.  I am hoping styles haven't changed that much... Anyway, I have another 5-10 pounds to go, but I am currently smaller than I was when I walked in to my first OB appointment.  That is just thrilling.

So, mood lifted, right?  Thank you for your sweet comments yesterday.  They made me feel much better.  It has just been a rough few days.

Here is that trusty link to vote again.  We are currently in 12th. A this rate, I dont know if we have a chance at staying in the top 25, but that's REALLY okay.  This is WAY more intense voting than last year, and just yesterday I admitted to not thinking I should be on the list.  It's an honor to be recognized and all that jazz. But if you want to vote, it does give me joy to see my vote count climb.


  1. You are inspiration itself! Your weight loss is amazing - i think you should move in with me and monitor my every morsel of food :)

    1. LOL, thanks friend! I was at a point where my fat clothes were tight, I had to get serious :)