Monday, May 13, 2013

A Four Year Letter

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Dear Henry,

Sweet boy, you are, without question, the coolest kid I have ever met in my life.  You are cleaver and funny, you are kind-hearted and creative, you fill my heart with joy.  And I know someday you will read these letters and roll your eyes, thinking "you are my mom, that is what you are suppose to say..." but for today, on your 4th birthday, I just want to say that it's true.  You are amazing. And I feel so incredibly blessed to get to be your Mama.
Waveland 2012
Lots has happened this last year.  The biggest and hardest thing is that you lost your Aunt Mimi.  I am not sure how to sum up how amazing she was in this letter, or how much she meant to you.  I know you will spent your entire life hearing about her, and I hope and pray you will be able to hold on to your memories of her, and how very much she loved you. She used to keep you during the week while Mama and Papa worked, and she would always be so much fun.  She constantly was taking you to the park or the mall to play.  She always wanted to do whatever would make you happy.  You tell us everyday how you miss your Aunt Mimi, but that she lives in your heart. We know she does, and we see so much of her in your sweet spirit. 
#greyforMissy #BrainCancerAwarenessMonth
You started preschool this year.  It was rocky at first, and drop off is still not your or Papa's favorite time of day, but you have made so many friends and you adore your teacher, Ms Gladys.  You play so well with the other kids, and seem to really love being there.  You have learned to write your name, and think it is hilarious when you write a really tiny Y on the end. You can write most letters, and recognize them all with most of their sounds.  You know all your numbers, colors, shapes... you are clearly a genius.

 You still love being with your family, especially your cousins Darcy and Nieem.  They are two of your very favorite people.  Your grandparents are favorites too. But a lot of times, when we ask you who your best friend is, you say it's your Papa.  And I have to agree.  You love playing with your Papa as much as any child I have ever seen.  You two constantly are inventing new games, building with Lego's or playing on the Nintendo.  When Papa works in the yard you quickly put on your shoes and announce "I am going to help my Papa!".  You love being with him.  You love being with me too.  Each night when I tuck you in you ask "Will you please lay down with me? I will be sad without my Mama..."  You are generous with your hugs and kisses, even when you are extremely busy playing.  You constantly tell us you love us, and it never ever gets old.  Because we love you so much too.
I can't think how else to describe you besides saying you love life.  Truly you do.  You love being outside, at the park or the pool, you love inside, building with blocks or Lego's, painting or playing video games.  You love to help us cook and sometimes even clean.  You love your dog, your friends and your family.  You love to just lay with us, piling on the couch.  You love to laugh and scream, just a ball of pure joy.  I don't know how we would have made it through this year without your sweet spirit to lift our family up.  I don't know how my life felt full back before you were in it.  Four years doesn't seem like that long ago, but it was a lifetime, a different world entirely from the world with you here.  So thank you for being such a good boy.  Thank you for always being my baby, no matter how old you are.  You make our lives better, just by being you.



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