Friday, May 31, 2013

On the Last Day of May, A Little More Grey

Today is the last day of May, and I have worn at least a little grey, every single day this month:
 Last day of May. #greyforMissy #BrainCancerAwarenessMonth
My shoes, my clothes, my nail polish,  my grey bracelet; I have kept it on me, and I have constantly thought of her.

Thank you all who wore grey and have thought of her this month too. The 8th will forever touch my heart.  Thank you too for all of your messages of love and support over this last month.  This morning I got a message from Marci saying that she is in grey today too, all the way in South Africa, and that she is thinking of Missy.  I am just constantly moved beyond words by the outpouring of love I find within this community.

 Tonight is our local Relay for Life.  Mary, Nick's ex-step mom and a beloved family friend, has been raising money and is taking part in the relay.  She is dedicating her relay to her own sister, who she lost 19 years ago, and to our Sweet Melissa.  She has made luminary bags and lights in their honor.
Relay for Life
Thank you Mary, for including my sweet sister.  It means more than words can say.

So as we close out May, I miss my sister.  But I am constantly grateful for all the love and support that surrounds her memory, and our entire family.

Thank you.


  1. I lost my Dad in October from Brain Cancer after a short 6 week battle with a very aggressive tumor. I posted about wearing grey today on FB. Prayers for You and Missy too :)

  2. Wearing grey really has helped me to think of you and Missy this whole month. There are other pics I haven't even posted - I should just take a day and do them all :)