Monday, May 13, 2013


Coming in just under the wire... 11:40pm, but still technically his birthday! This year there are two video's:  The first is the annual photo montage, which is pretty great, if I do say so myself. The second is a birthday interview with Henry. I did one last year as well, but never posted it. I love them, and think it will be added to the long list of birthday traditions around here!

(I know... we are birthday crazy.  But I strongly believe we will never ever regret it)

Henry's 4th Year:

Song: Oh How You've Grown by Frances England

 And A 4th Birthday Interview:

One more birthday post to go and we are wrapped up! Epic party pictures to come on Wednesday.


  1. How completely and utterly precious. I adore him!!! <3

  2. Happy Birthday Henry!! I had planned to send something in the post in time for his birthday, but time just ran away from me :( one year I'll manage it!!

    The interview is just the sweetest and coolest thing ever :)