Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wear Grey for Missy: May 8th (aka tomorrow)

Our family is still wearing a lot of grey.  And every time I look for what to put on, I think of my sweet sister, and how very much I miss her.
Tomorrow, May 8th, is the day to wear grey in memory of Missy, and in support of Brain Cancer Awareness Month.  It will be three months since we lost her, and I think everyone wearing grey and sharing pictures will help our family to get through another month without her.
 #greyforMissy #BrainCancerAwarenessMonth
We can all find a little grey...
#greyforMissy #BrainCancerAwarenessMonth
Even if it requires supporting our favorite team at the same time.

So please, if you can, wear grey tomorrow... and when you put it on, just think of Missy.  Think of how amazing she was, think of her fight, and think of how very loved she will always be.  Wear grey for Missy, and for everyone who is still fighting.  No family should have to live through this.

  If you send me a picture, I will add it to a post here at Bio Girl, which I will update throughout the day.  Hopefully the post will be extremely long, and filled with a lot of love. Email to biogirl79 at gmail dot com, post them on the Bio Girl facebook page  or post on twitter/ instagram with the tag #greyforMissy


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  1. I have my grey picked out. Superhero, of course, because sometimes you need a superhero.