Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hanging Out in Boise

Hi everyone!
Hotel view #Boise
I am alive and well, just hanging out in Boise, Idaho (no you da ho).  (no... that joke never EVER gets old)  I have a ton of wedding pictures to show you from last weekend in South Carolina, but haven't had time to load them.

 Okay... that isn't true. I am sitting alone each night in my hotel room. I totally could have posted them last night. But I had a long day of learning about seed germination... and I drank a couple glasses of wine with dinner...and laziness won.

  For the record, the wedding was AMAZING. One of the nicest weddings I have ever been to. I can't wait to show you! It's just things like this huge, fluffy robe keep distracting me upload
I don't even like bath robes... but it just felt wrong to not wear it...

So I am enjoying my work trip. I am eating a ton of great food (as expected, potatoes are fantastic) and I am making some new work friends... contacts... associates... what do you call work people you meet at a conference? I am not close enough to any of them to start handing out my blog address, but I have a few I am enjoying eating dinner with. Untitled
I haven't ventured into much of Boise yet beyond the PF Changs and the Old Spaghetti Factory (Boise...I am doing it wrong. STOP EATING AT NATIONAL CHAIN RESTAURANTS) but tonight the group is heading out for some kind of tour and a nice dinner. Tomorrow night is the banquet and Thursday morning I fly home. I am already missing a couple of fellas really bad, so I know by Thursday I will be 100% ready to be back in Kentucky Kelsey and Thomas' Wedding

Thank god for Skype... it helps to fill the Henry and Nick sized hole in my heart, but I am already feeling the need to get home to these two ASAP.

Wedding pictures to come... most likely tomorrow. Be prepared to be amazed.



  1. Hey, sometimes you just need to give into laziness. I do almost every night. :) Looking forward to more pictures!

  2. Awww, hope you enjoyed Boise! Wish I knew you were here :)