Monday, August 25, 2014

This and That

Someone is about to start fall ball and we are all pretty excited.  We found out he is on the lime team (Fall t-ball just has colors, not actual MLB team names) and I was disappointed... I mean, it isn't about ME, but lime is not really my color.  Then Nick pointed out that we could call them the Lime Drives and I decided that:
 1. I love the Limes Drives (!!)
 2. Nick is extremely cleaver.

We were practicing in the yard the other day because our power was out (What?  How do you expect me to practice when there are things like AC and television inside??)  And he seems to have drastically improved since the spring.  I told Nick of this advancement and he smiled and said "That's because he has been practicing with Wii Sports!"

Video Games.  Turns out they are good for something.

In other news, Henry also did very well on his first spelling test!
As a person who has struggled my entire life with spelling this felt like something worth celebrating.  We got pizza.  We have pizza at least once a week, but this was CELEBRATION PIZZA.

He was very proud.


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