Thursday, August 7, 2014

The End of the Preschool Days

Today is Henry's very last day of preschool.

The first picture is from October of 2012, the other is this morning.  

I know I keep saying it, but seriously he is growing up so fast.  I thought it would be cute to do this side by side picture, but didn't really think he would have changed THAT MUCH is the last two years.  Then I saw them side by side.... WHAT IS HAPPENING??  (And don't even get me started on his hair... the love of his long hair is so strong I may never let him cut it again...)

Tonight we go to kindergarten open house where he will get to meet his teacher and set up his desk.  Next Wednesday we start an entirely new chapter for our sweet boy, but today we are celebrating something that has been pretty major, and is coming to an end.  When he was three and walked into Ms. Gladys' class we had no idea how important she would become to us.  She has nurtured and loved our boy, and we are so thankful for how she has helped him grow.
He seemed so big when we took this picture.  Now he looks so tiny.  Growing up is all relative I guess...


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