Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When Did Kindergarten Get So Intense?

When I think back to my kindergarten experiences in the 80's I remember it being a half day event that included snack, rest time, playing in a pretend kitchen that was AWESOME, and having a letter of the week with a song and the letter was dressed up like a person.  What I do NOT remember is having spelling tests:
GUYS.  We are six days into the school year and Henry has a spelling test on Thursday.  The only word we had actually encouraged him to write on his own prior to this week was his name....which included a capitol E and a space ship R.  Apparently we are not preparing him for the epic educational endeavor that is KINDERGARTEN these days...

But have no fear, our boy is doing very well.  Turns out he can write other letters beyond X-O and H-E-N-[spaceship]-Y! (Yay daycare!)  He could spell all his spelling words out loud by Monday and yesterday did awesome on his at home practice test (see photographic evideince of my child's genius above). I am just surprised at how quickly kindergarten has become SCHOOL.  Not sure what I expected...maybe more time with finger painting, and practice walking in the halls, but that's okay.  He seems to be completely capable of all of this and is loving it.

Kindergarten, you are legit, but that's okay.  Apparently this goof ball is up for whatever you've got!


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  1. My thoughts exactly, last year I had a young first grader and many times did we have over 1 hour of homework.