Friday, August 8, 2014

More on the Last Day

Henry and Ms. Gladys... oh how he loves her.  We wrote her a goodbye letter, and in it he said "I love you Ms. Gladys and I will miss you a million when I go to kindergarten."

That sums it up pretty perfectly. We will all miss you a million, Ms. Gladys.

Henry brought doughnuts for the class to celebrate his last day.  Some of his friends made him cards with pictures of them together, holding hands with hearts everywhere.  He is going to miss his friends and his teachers, but it's good to know he was so loved during his time there.  It does this mama's heart good to know that when I can't be with him, he is surrounded by people who think he is as amazing as I do!

One chapter ends, another begins.  We went to set up his stuff in his new kindergarten room last night and it went really well.  Believe it or not I actually forgot my phone, so somehow there are no pictures of this event, but worry not, we will take pictures on Wednesday morning.  We walked to the school, which he LOVED.  He seems thrilled with his new teacher and his new room.  He loved the music room and the STEM lab.  Most of all, he loved that one of his friends from preschool, Juliet, is in his class.  Nick and I are actually old friends with her parents so things are really working out well for everyone involved!  Henry and Juliet walked around the entire school together holding hands and playing... I think it's going to be a great year!


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