Tuesday, August 26, 2014

So Turns Out Ice Water Is Really Cold...

I was challenged by my friend Whiteny to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this weekend.  If you would like to see Henry gleefully dump water over my head you can check it out below:

I know there are always some push back when things like this happen... complaints about jumping on the bandwagon, wasting water... but I find it amazing how much attention and funding this challenge is bringing to an incredibly rare and deadly disease.

So I completed the ice bucket challenge, and we all three made our donations:
 You can make your own donation to ALS research at alsa.org 

 Funding and research is critical to finding treatments and cures for the diseases that take our loved ones from us.  Please keep that in mind once this challenge is all said and done.  Consider making donations to other areas of research that impact your life.  Small amounts from lots of people add up to making a huge impact.  But most importantly, be aware of how your congressmen and women vote in supporting funding through research channels like the National Institute of Health.  It is impossible to tell you all the NIH does to further research in our country because they do SO MUCH, but I will say that without them we would have had much less time with our sweet Missy, and without them my future working in public health research would be on shaky ground.  Yet in the last ten years their funding has been cut by 25%, which adds up to billions of dollars lost to medical research. 

So with that I will step off my soap box and just say Charing and Candice, you are still on the clock!

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