Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fighting for our Girl



She is not doing well at all.  Still not eating or drinking...she has lost two more pounds, which means she is down to 16 pounds when her healthy weight is around 24.  I made her a chicken/rice/veggies dinner last night with some of her critical care food mixed in and she wouldn't touch it.  Then we just offered her the chicken alone, no way.  Then a hot dog.  Still not interested.

We went to the vet this morning and Nick and I both really thought this was it, we were not coming home with her.  But after talking to the vet we found out that if you over medicate with this Cushing's meds, then stopping eating and drinking is a potential side effect.  That would be been really good to know when I called and talked to the vet three days ago... but we can't go back in time.  It's all a delicate balance.  They knew her appetite would go down, so at first it wasn't as worrisome.  Now it is very very worrisome.  So she has stopped her meds and we are watching her closely, trying to get any amount of food into her. 

She came home with fluids and they taught us how to give them to her... it's all a lot to take in.  How sick she is, how much worse it has gotten so quickly, that we really might lose her.  Soon. 

But for now we are all fighting.  We love our girl, and while we all agree this is no way for her to live long term, the vet seems to really think we can still right this ship... I just hope she can hold on long enough to get her where she needs to be...

This is so hard.

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  1. Nobody could have more empathy than we do. We'll pray for your baby girl. We so understand. C & C