Friday, October 22, 2010

Arielle's Shower

Thank you all so much for the anniversary well wishes and your support on the baby #2 front. You all are great. Now, we have another big weekend coming up that will inevitably lead to lots of pictures, and I have yet to post pictures from LAST weekend, so lets do this!

Last Sunday I hosted a bridal shower for my good friend Arielle. Arielle is marrying Ryan, who has been Nick's best friend since elementary school. We are so excited about the wedding! They are clearly perfect together. We played Couples Twenty Questions at the shower (best bridal shower game ever), and Arielle actually knew that if Ryan could be any superhero, he would choose the Green Lantern. That sort of knowledge clearly means soul mates. Although Ryan did think Arielle's favorite food was apples, which she found a horrifying choice. (the correct answer was dark chocolate). Now he knows the truth, so I feel I have brought them even closer together before the nuptials. My work here is done.

Anyway, the shower was a ton of fun and a hug success. Here are a couple of pictures of the event.
Arielle with Darcy
Here is the bride to be hanging out with sweet Cici
Me and Arielle
Me and Arielle. I must say I am not a fan of this picture, seeing as how I look like a gigantic beast, but it is the only picture I am actually in, so it gets included in the post.
Arielle and Patty
Arielle with her soon to be Mother in Law
Morgan Charing and Darcy
Charing and Morgan loving on sweet Cici
Rhi and Candice
Rhiannon and Candice hanging out before presents are opened
Arielle and friends
Arielle with her work friends (alas, I forgot their names)
Boo and Darcy
Another one with Cici, just because she looks so adorable with her Mama
Shower Food
The spread
Mmmmmm Shower Cake (next I would have some pictures of present opening...but I didn't take any. But trust me, she got gifts. and they were lovely)
Saving Tissue Paper
Did you all know that some people save tissue paper from presents? And they get a little crazy if they see you just stuffing it all into a trash bag? And they pull it out and PRESS it flat and take it home. Like a party favor. Well, it's true. These are my friends.
Darcy's sleepy
The shower was a huge hit. And completely exhausting, according to Cici.


  1. Sarah, Darcy's getting so big! She is growing beautifully and I love the pics with her and her mom.

    Your food table looks heavenly - I love it - simply and stylish :) And lots of yummy dips. Droool!!!!!!!!

    On your previous post, all the best to you and Nick! You will make beautiful babies any which way - Henry is clear proof of that.

  2. Hi, visiting from ICLW. That is just the cutest baby ever! I laughed at your friends flattening the tissue paper :D Jen

  3. I save tissue paper. lol But it is more because I don't want to have to run out and buy some last minute when I need to put together a gift bag. I know, I'm weird.

    Glad the shower was a hit. The best part is yet to come. :)

  4. We started saving and reusing tissue paper a few years ago because we are cheap. I haven't bought a gift bag in years. But I can't imagine doing it at someone else's shower :-)

    Darcy is adorable! And so is your son, that I had to scroll back to find. Just visiting from ICLW, and thought I would say howdy.