Thursday, October 14, 2010


Thank you guys. Your comments and emails were so sweet and really did make me feel much better. I was exhausted on Tuesday. I had been up late studying (I got an A on my midterm!) and went to bed a ball of stress. I woke up the same way, and sat down and wrote that post. Later that day I went home for lunch and Henry was so happy to see me. He grabbed on to my neck and wouldn't let go, giving me the sweetest and most needed hug. He then sat it my lap as I ate, crying if I tried to put him down. It's amazing how much better he made me feel.

Yesterday Henry and I took a much needed break. I rearranged our schedule a little so we could stay at the house and get stuff done for most of the day, and you all, it was wonderful. I cleaned and he played, we played together, we took a nice log nap together. It was exactly what I needed. Exactly. I am back to it today, but I feel better. Much less thin. Thanks again for all of your kind words.

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  1. It's so hard as a momma to recognize and take care of your own needs. Good for you!! (and my kid goes through phases when he only wants his Poppa, too. I totally think it's normal!)