Thursday, October 7, 2010


Nick and I are not dancers. We are not the type of people to turn on music and dance as we clean or go about random daily chores at the house. We don't dance with Henry often at all, so imagine our surprise when our little guy has decided that his body is made for moving. You all, he dances all the time. ALL THE TIME. And it is so adorable that it would make your heart explode. The music comes on and for an instant his little body freezes, then he looks at the TV (the most common source of music in our house) and that little foot, it starts stomping. And then his head starts bobbing, then the arms go up and his entire body gets into it. And always, every single time, he turns to look at us, and he smiles. He wants to see that we see him. He wants to know that we know he feels the rhythm...and he loves it. iPad commercials, Sesame Street theme music, movie previews, if it has music he likes, he is dancing. And we are dancing with him.

I talked to his babysitter today and she said the people kicked off Dancing With The Stars were on The View this morning and the entire time they danced, Henry danced around the living room with them. My heart melted. My sweet dancing boy.

It's so interesting to me who our children become. I have no idea how long Henry will dance. When he may become self-conscious of being the only one dancing in a room. Will he embrace this love or will it die away. Will he be a dancer born to two self-conscious uncoordinated parents. Maybe he will. I know lots of babies dance, but maybe he really does love music already. I was positive before he was born that he would have blond curly hair and blue eyes. It's one of those crazy things about your children. You can't ever predict what you will get, and I would never want to. Nothing could be better than our dark haired, gray eyed dancing boy. He warms my heart.


  1. I LOVE it when babies/toddlers dance. I love it when they "dance" by bending their knees and bouncing up and down. It cracks me up. They are so cute!

  2. Oh so cute... I am so self-conscious (although I would often dance with the babies in the nursery because when you're surrounded by them there really is no time to think about what you're doing and you're just desperate to entertain them all in one go sometimes!) Having said that I would just love to learn to dance...

    Tim on the other hand loves to dance anywhere, anytime and doesn't care that he has no real sense of rhythm... he just loves to move his body and it is why he spent so many years going to raves, so he could lose himself to the music. I wish I had some of his confidence (or rather, lack of embarrassment)!

    Way to go Henry on simply enjoying the music... especially whilst he still has no qualms about moving and shaking in whatever way pleases him rather than looking "cool" (although, bless him, he always looks cool anyway!) xx

  3. That is absolutely adorable! My little one dances all the time too, but I'm afraid she got Mommy's sense of rhythm (think "Elaine" from Seinfeld). Not cute.

  4. tooooooooooooo cute... My hubby has 2 left feet, and everyone in his family does.. Just hoping the gremlins get at least an ounce of rhythm from their momma.. bwahahaha

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