Monday, October 11, 2010

Walk Ahead 5K

We did it! The 5K was yesterday and I am very proud to report that we all made it to the finish line. The team of Melissa's Magnificent 10 became Melissa's Magnificent 43 and was the top fund raising team in the race, bringing in over 9 Thousand dollars! Thank you all so much for your donations to this amazing cause. They will keep the donation pages active until November 1st, so I will leave the button on my sidebar up until then. After that time, if you would like to make a donation to the University of Cincinnati's Brain Tumor Research department you can contact me and I will pass on their information.

The race was a huge success all around. The organizers were expecting 200 participants in the race and were hoping to raise $60,000. They ended up with 1600 participants and raised $138,000. The race course was amazingly beautiful, Starting in Newport, Kentucky, taking us over the Purple People bridge and ending on the river in Cincinnati. Nick and I decided at the last minute to actually run part of the race, and that was fun! We maybe ran 20%... but considering we did no training we thought that was pretty good. We ran the entire portion in KY :). Here are a few pictures from our day. Thanks again for all of your support. I can't tell you how much it meant to our entire family.
5K: Race Time
Some of Melissa's Magnificent 43! (look how tall Nick looks!)
5K: Family
Family. Yes, I do have on a tank top. I had a jacket over it, but you all, it was so freaking hot. Like 90 degrees hot. But very beautiful!
5K: Sisters
5K: Nanny and Darcy
Cici was very excited about her first 5K
5K: Missy and Ashley
Missy and Ashley, who is her great friend who told us about the race and got us all involved!
5K: Me and Nick
Me and Nick
5K: Mom and Missy
Mom and Missy. Adorable
5K: Family
Mom and her girls (yes, we took a lot of pictures before the race. What? We like pictures! Who needs to mess with stretching before a race??)
5K: Purple People Bridge
Crossing into Cincinnati on the Purple People Bridge. Obviously we were very serious about our finish time, seeing as how we stopped for a quick photograph.
5K: Missy and Friends
Missy with some of her girlfriends who came in from Columbus, Louisville and Chicago to be apart of the race!
5K: Finish Line
Finish! (which oddly enough, was not the same place as the start. So after the race we had to walk another mile to our car. Not the best plan, but the entire walk was so beautiful that we didn't mind!)


  1. I second the above comment!

    You did so well, I can't believe how much you raised and how many people joined your team in the end, but how loved Missy must have felt to have that much support! xx

  2. You all did GREAT! I think that what you did for your sister is just AWESOME!!

    Great pictures! Uhm, Darcy is super cute!!