Friday, September 21, 2012


You guys... the amount of stuff I dropped off at consignment on Wednesday was alarming. I mean, not as alarming as the amount Boo dropped off, because they had to take two cars and the check in people actually asked if she had twins because she had so much in each size.  That's right.  But still, my drop off held  an alarming amount.

And it felt so amazing to take it.  To clean out the guest room of the piles and piles of stuff, to pack the SUV to capacity and to just unload it and walk away.  I would have thought I would be sad, but I wasn't.  A year ago, this would have ripped my heart out, but this week, it just felt like moving forward and making space for the future. 

I mean, moving forward besides that box of keepsakes that I decided I would never in a million years part with.  THAT box, nobody is ever touching.  Because those clothes are precious and adorable and FULL OF MEMORIES. I may or may not have actually put a few up on my shoulder and hugged them. But whatever.  That's normal I think. (say it's normal)

I checked yesterday and my take home total (after their 30% ) is already at $250 and the sale still has two more days.  SO... I am feeling pretty good about the entire thing.  Definitely worth the time to hang everything and pin on the tags.  Someone on here asked where this sale was happening, so here is a link!  If you live local, go and buy! Especially if you have a boy under the age of three. You could find some of Henry's things, then you could buy them and send me a picture of your baby in them, and it will make me really happy!  I mean... that might be far fetched... but IT COULD HAPPEN.  (Let me believe it.)



  1. I just got a call from a local thrift store asking if we wanted to schedule a pickup, and my thought was, "Finally! A way to get rid of those bags of clothes without having to figure out how to fit in a trip to that exact thrift store!"

    We won't make any money off of the clothes, but then again we didn't buy most of them; my mother-in-law is a used-baby-clothes-finding genius.

  2. maybe i'll find some of henry's things!! i'm going to go check it out tomorrow!!